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Services and Goals

To provide affordable hospital services designed around the patient

To provide an environment in which the health care professional of tomorrow can be trained

To be a knowledge organization through promoting and investing in research and information

To be non-profit oriented in our service to humanity.
M.M.C.H.R.I aims to focus on development of specialized services and in ensuring availability of these services to a wider and needier population

Intensive Neo Natal Care

Special care fir Hypertension & diabetes

24-hour Ambulance support

Authorized center for MTP (Medical Termination of pregnancy & sterilization)

Excellent Para-medical support

Major specialist surgeries

Master health Check-up plans

Custom health care packages

Corporate health management plan

Managing Trustee

With the dawn of independence, importance has been laid on imparting quality education in the country, as good education alone will help people to rise up



The College library functions in an exclusive two storied building with amazing infrastructural facilities. A good collection of books and journals



students are pioneers, discoverers, teachers, scholars, and change agents. We ask tough questions, engage the world around us, and pursue knowledge.