The field of medical studies has witnessed widespread development over the years. The medical profession is constantly refurbished by new ideas and new technologies.

Today the foucs of medicine is an specialization and even super - serializations within specialist areas. Thus climbing the ladder of success is more complicated and arduous then even before. But the positive aspect is that the opportunities for medical aspirants have multiplied . The diagnosis and treatments that was earlier handled singly by the general practitioner is today divided amongst a posses of specialists and with better results. Thus, specialization is inevitable for the medical students who seeks to carve a niche for himself in this profession.


Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery or MBBS, as it is known in some countries, is the degree that is required to become a doctor in allopathic medicine. Thus MBBS is not the universal degree that is offered after completion of undergraduate medical courses in all the countries.

Duration: 4 Academic Years +

One Year Compulsary Rotatory Internship

Commencement of the Course: 1st August

M.D / M.S

1 MD-Anatomy 11 MD-TB and Chest
2 MD-Physiology 12 MS-General Surgery
3 MD-Biochemistry 13 MS-Orthopaedics
4 MD-Pharmacology 14 MD-Radio-Diagnosis
5 MD-Pathology 15 MS-Ophthalmology
6 MD-Microbiology 16 MS-ENT
7 MD-Community Medicine 17 MD-Anaesthesiology
8 MD-General Medicine 18 MD-Obstetrics and Gynaecology
9 MD-Dermatology 19 MD-Paediatrics
10 MD-Psychiatry    

Duration : 3 Academic Years

Eligibility : Pass in MBBS Degree Course from a MCI recognized Institutions / University internship should have been completed by 30th April of the year of admission. Permanent registration from any state Medical Council of India’s is essential before the commencement of the course

Commencement of the Course : 2nd May